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About Us

If you have ever attempted to help a person in need, you know how challenging it can be to find local charitable organizations that provide the services and resources you're seeking. It is equally disheartening to know that numerous volunteers and for-profit companies are eager to provide charitable support; however, they cannot easily identify those organizations that desperately need their time and resources.

Created to bridge gaps in awareness and communications, the Sharing Hands Network connects those in need with those who can help. Our goal is to have 100% of the charitable organizations providing services as members.

Join the Sharing Hands Network, and encourage others to do the same. Membership is free.

Sharing Hands Network is for Those Who Need Help

  • Find charitable providers of specific services
  • Find charitable providers in a specific ZIPCODE
  • Find the various services provided by a single organization

Sharing Hands Network is for Charitable Organizations

  • Be found by those who need your help
  • Be found by those who want to help others
  • Be found by those who want to provide goods and donations to your organization
  • Be found by volunteers who want to support your efforts
  • Communicate with other Network members and volunteers regarding your needs and events
  • Network leadership is actively fostering corporate relationships to obtain donations of food and goods for our member organizations

Sharing Hands Network is for Volunteers and Supporters

  • Find opportunities to give back to your community
  • Find organizations that need your volunteer time and manpower
  • Find organizations that need your contributions of goods and donations
  • Find organizations that serve your community in ways that match your interests
  • Find organizations that are located close to where you live and work
  • Receive notice of requests for volunteers and support from providers in your community, along with scheduled charitable events

Find Services

In addition to those groups that are focused on providing Hurricane Michael relief support, there are many community organizations that provide services year round. We encourage you to reach out them.

You can help!

Your financial contributions help feed the hungry, clothe children, aid the homeless, strengthen families, enrich communities, and offer a broad range of charitable support to those in need.

Please Donate

Persistent needs exist for food, clothing, and shelter. Whether you're an individual volunteer or the leader of a charitable organization, we all have gifts to share… and we can all make a difference.

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